Often people wonder what the true "American Dream" is...

Richard is an immigrant from New Mexico that recently finished the naturalization process to become a United states citizen. After many long years of court battles and trials, he is finally granted the rights as every other US citizen has!...or is he. Richard has saved up enough money to buy a 10 acre slot of land to start his dream home. As he is going through the government process to purchase the land he finds out that he is denied. Later on he finds out that it was based off a discriminatory issue based on his race. Richard was denied his human rights he just received and while its by a government official he cannot proceed to follow his American Dream. What is “The American Dream”? Many immigrants and individuals risk their lives almost everyday on their journey to what they call “Land of the Free” but…are they technically free? If we put every individual in a foreign country that would like to venture to America in a room and asked them individually “what is your American Dream?’’, some may say wealth, many would pledge opportunity, and others would say happiness. Are all of those “Dreams” actually achievable in America? Wealth, opportunity, and happiness drive the American people.

First, Americans are driven by wealth. If you sit and ponder on the essentials of life, money is a key factor in today's society. In order to buy a house you have to have money, in order to buy a soda to quench your thirst you have to have money, in order to literally eat you have to have money. Americans continuously strive for a better way of living and push for their lives to be more well constructed in society. Wealth is an essential form of life in America.

Secondly, the Americans are driven by opportunity. In many other countries you are strictly bound to a certain way or form of life and cannot cross those boundaries. Here in America it is expressed that we all have equal opportunity but is all succession equal? Many of the options in America are limited and being a minority is a harder option and life to live in

Lastly, they are driven by a quest for happiness. In many other countries people are restricted to certain areas, certain rights, and views. America is known for its open variety of options and races. There are moments of equal opportunity depending on your area of location.

As we ponder and think about the negativity towards the discriminatory actions taken towards an individual just over race, was he given “Equal Opportunity”? Was Richard able to start a life and earn “Wealth”? Did he receive the “Happiness” all immigrants hope for? America is described as “Land of the free’’ but once again...Are we all technically “Free”? Is the American Dream dead? Is it withered away cowering at any source of minority power?





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