A poem about America.

The American Dream

By Donnie Pauley

Many before me have paid the price,

Many before me have laid down their lives,

For this alone I am very grateful,

For this alone I have mighty pride.

As protests wage on and hate spreads like fire,

I cannot help but to raise my flag higher.

Because my country alone may have its faults,

But it is still beautiful and free.

The American dream means so much to me,

It means I can think and do as I please,

Without a king or a tyrant standing over me,

Telling me that I cannot do as I please.

But in my country I stand up proud,

I salute my flag and sing the anthem loud.

Because I know I am blessed that I live in a place,

That makes it hard not to keep a smile on my face.

The American Dream means so much to me,

Because without it, who would I be?

I could not write, I could not think.

But instead of worrying about this,

I stand up taller and salute my flag.




Thomas Walker High School Wampler's English Students

Various English students from Virginia

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