Could concern for the environment unify the United States?

The documentary The American Creed by PBS discusses how people work together regardless of who they are if there is a common goal. In this documentary, Joe Maddon claims that if you put kids on the same team then they’ll work together. The problem is, how are you supposed to get an entire nation to be on the same team. There was another woman interviewed in the PBS documentary, Joan Blades, she mentioned how it is important to realize what common beliefs you have with people who you don’t normally agree with. Like Joe Maddon said, when you give people a common goal they will work together.

One strong American value is also the preservation of our wildlife. Regardless of your political stance, odds are that you don’t wish harm unto the environment. In recent years I have seen many improvements for the betterment of the environment such as fuel efficient cars renewable energy or more efficient light bulbs. There are also many non-profit conservation organisations that you may not know of some of the largest are The Nature Conservancy or The World Wildlife Fund. 

“The Nature Conservancy joins forces with governments, non-profit organizations, local stakeholders, indigenous communities, corporate partners, and international organizations to find solutions to conservation challenges” (Klappenbach, Laura. "Info”). For more info click here                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a global-scale conservation organization that works in 100 countries and consists of nearly 5 million members worldwide. The WWF's mission—in the simplest of terms—is to conserve nature” (Klappenbach, Laura. "World”). For more info click here. 

“Home, after all, is the place where we make our living. It is the place for which we take responsibility, the place we try to sustain so we can pass on what is best in it (and in ourselves) to our children." William Cronon, Uncommon Ground “(Conservation Timeline). Nearly everyone interviewed in the PBS documentary American Creed felt proud that they were American. If people are proud to live in their then they should take care of it and take care of their country. People should take care of their country now before there isn’t anything left to be proud of.

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