How does your American creed depend on where your going in life? It depends on how you determine your american creed and how you live up to it. Many people through out the United States. The liberty you have in your life a fundamental base for your own creed.

What does your American Creed mean to you ? Is it Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Or have you even thought about it?  For most people thats what they say but it is so much more than that because it’s what you describe as your freedom and what you make your life to be. My Creed is having the freedom and opportunities to have a free education and to move on with my life. But to some people it’s Full with dreams and your hopes in their life. Where you want to go where you can be anything you want to be in america because that’s what the military fight for. To serve and do right by your country is found in the creed of military personal.

The military defends our freedom as a country.The honor and respect we as americans show to the flag of the United States Of America is based on our freedoom on how each individual has a fighting chance to take their creed to the next level. But it’s up to yourself to make your own American creed. Your American creed starts with you and it ends with you. It depends on where you're going to decide who you become. But what does your american creed have to do with where you’re going in life. What is takes for you to be an american is up to you there isn't any real rules that say what make you to be able to call yourself an American is what you make it to be.

There are many immigrants looking for the big promise America offers you. Where you go shows who you are and who want to become. But as well what does it make you out to be. Not only do we say the Pledge of Allegiance and stand . I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America. Why is that so important that we have to pledge our allegiance everyday when it might not be part of our own Creed. The power it gives you is it the power you want with your creed. Is it right for you or is it what you want to think it is. The idea of it makes it less believable. The respect that our country is built up on its a fundamental base for all creeds around the country. It ends and starts with you.




Avila's M4 Class

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