America is many things. Some of which are good, and some are not. This piece elaborates on a few of the words that represent America from all perspectives.

America is the land of the free

Where people from everywhere and anywhere

Have the opportunity to become whoever they want to be

America is a melting pot

Where no two people are the same

A place where uniformity is not even a thought

And individuality is what’s proclaimed

America is a community

Where people of any race, religion, or gender

Are brought together in unity

America is culture and diversity

With varying beliefs and traditions that are all blended together

To make the perfect recipe against all adversity

America is patriotic

Where men and women fight for their country

And it keeps us undivided when times are chaotic

America is survival of the fittest

Blood, sweat, and tears are shed for a nickel and a dime

And even then, chances of success can still be of the slimmest

America is school shootings

Where kids are faced by the barrel of a gun

And walkouts and marches for change are booming

America is injustice

Where equality for all is really VIP access

And those who do not have the proper status are often seen as less

What is America?

Is it really “for the people?”

And are “all men created equal?”




Avondale High School Avondale High School

Avondale High School is in Oakland County, in Southeast Michigan.

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