This is about how a good attitude affects your successes in life.

Have you ever had a bad attitude doing something and realized that you had a hard time succeeding in it? Did you wonder why you didn't have success? There was a reason why you had a difficult time with the task.

I believe to have success you need to have a good attitude.

People think that if they do a certain task they”ll have success. They don’t even think about how their attitude towards the task is. These people don’t have the right mindset. These people have a fixed mindset. They think success comes with no effort so they don’t care about their attitude, but attitude is what helps with success.

When I was twelve I was struggling in soccer. I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting better. Let's just say my attitude most of the season was pretty bad. My coach always told me I could get even better than I was. Of course my brain had to go straight to, I’ll have success. Nothing else, just I’ll have success. I didn’t even think I’ll need to have a good attitude to get better so I was motivated. As you may suspect I didn’t get much better, sure I got a tad better, but not much.

This made me think after the season, what did I do wrong? There were conversations with my coach on that and he said it was because he realized my attitude. My question was, what? He explained mindsets and attitude affect success.

He compared me to a professional runner. Desiree Linden, he said she had a good attitude and mindset so she could get better. Coach told me that I was the opposite, bad attitude and bad mindset. Sure Desiree had a tough time with getting better or staying motivated, but she kept a good mindset. I was a complete mess in other terms. He said he noticed how my mindset wasn’t

the best and how I needed to change it. I tried to and I did, my performance changed drastically. Next year for soccer I succeeded the way I wanted to.

Having that bad attitude can turn into mental self destruction. That means you start tearing yourself apart thinking you can’t do it and you have zero motivation. Personally I know someone where this happened. My track coach and cross country coach. She was a state champ in bot track and cross country. In her freshman and sophomore year she said she wanted to be as good as the number one runner in the state at the time. She worked and worked and worked, but she said she wasn’t getting any better. She started beating up herself mentally because she wasn’t getting where she wanted. My coach said she thought and thought on why she wasn’t getting better. What she told me was she realized that her attitude was more on how she thought she was bad so she had to be as good as the number one high school runner in the state to be good enough. She realized that she was good enough and she just needed to have that attitude to become better, better than she was before.

I believe having a good attitude and mindset results to having success.

In order to change your attitude you need to ask yourself questions on the overall situation. This is how you start, people don’t realize in order to change you need to ask questions, even to yourself. After that write, ask people, or talk to people about your questions. In my opinion I think talking to people gives you feedback and makes you think even more. It helps change that mindset.

Having the wrong mindset and just a overall bad attitude is not how you get success. Although some people argue it is like that. But in fact that’s wrong. There’s not a single story where someone had a bad attitude and they got success, but there are many stories where people had a good attitude and got success, even if they started with a bad one, they changed it in the end.

This is why I believe attitude affects success. 




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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