My paper is about how America doesn't provide the proper resources for some people to succeed in life. For example, job opportunities, and housing. So I'm trying to raise awareness of this problem to see if other people could help out and help other peoples lives.

 I believe that America doesn’t provide people the resources they need to succeed in life. You walk around and see people who thrive and people who don’t do anything with their life. It’s very sad. Yes, some people who are homeless or who just don’t have a good life could’ve done something to fix that. On the other hand some of them grew up with a minute amount of opportunities and just really couldn't have done something to change where they are now. For example, some people grew up with limited job opportunities or had to take care of their family so they couldn’t have worked. The people who couldn’t have changed, most likely didn’t have the resources to change if they wanted to.

I read the book To Kill a Mockingbird this year and I thought I would use Atticus Finch who is a lawyer and a father of two. Maycomb which is a small town in the book is a mix of farmers and workers. A lot of the farmers rent land or have a family business. People who grow up in farm families usually start working at a very young age. They don’t really have an opportunity to have a education. Atticus grew up in a family who didn’t farm and got to go to school and have a education. Education is super important, so he got to grow up and get a good high paying job that he enjoyed. So not everyone has the same opportunities. A lot of the farmers probably couldn’t even afford school because they’re just getting by and that’s what they are more worried about.

Some people are rich and some are poor. This is a very simple topic that doesn’t require a lot of explaining. Like I said earlier, people mess up, that’s why some people don’t have a good life. But I think that some people grew up in places where there weren’t a lot of job opportunities so they couldn’t work. On the contrary others live in places that are rich in jobs and have lots of things to do with their life. For example, I always go to downtown Detroit for the holiday or sporting events. I see people who are “sitting on money” and other people who are homeless which is very sad. I think that if the people who are rich could donate or help out people who are struggling we could get rid of a lot of big problems we have today.

Finally, there is a large housing gap in America. I feel like if people who were rich got smaller houses that just had what they needed people who were homeless could possibly be helped and given a small house and could help them survive. In U.S history I learned that there were different zones for different races. Whites lived in nice suburbs with running water and bathrooms. Blacks lived in secluded areas with no water and no bathrooms. So this shows that there was definitely a large gap in housing back then and now a lot of people can’t afford a house. Going back to the things I said earlier about people not having jobs definitely reflect on your housing because you need money to buy a house.

I think a good way to help solve these solutions is to start a organization where people could donate and help find job opportunities for people who don’t have one. If we could do this we could also make America a even more productive country then it already is because because we could get thousands of more people to be employed. America would be more productive and the people who you helped would have a better life and you could possibly save their life.




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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