What is the Real American Dream?

         The American Dream is an ideal that anyone in America can be happy through hard work, determination & initiative. The apparent definition of this achieved “Happiness” is going to college, having multiple good jobs, a nice big house, being rich, having a generic housewife & two kids. This seems nearly impossible for exactly every american to achieve because not everyone is geographically or financially enriched. Yet, it seems there are be people without a college education, without multiple high paying jobs or retired, don’t have a generic wife, minimal to no children or even a lot of children; however, these Americans are as happy or happier than those who seemingly wasted their time trying to achieve this “American Dream.” I Believe this to be because The American Dream is not what its been made out to be. The American Dream is achieving love and happiness with those around you and what you got.

         Love can be more essential than money in achieving the American Dream. Imagine a person being extremely wealth in currency and that was all people knew them for. However, They get married and have kids. Isn't that the American Dream? Well no matter how rich you are, you're liable to go broke. By possibly being scammed. Would your marriage still last? How could it, when the reason your spouse chose you was because of how rich you were. What's to keep her from leaving you and your kids? Love. Love is the only thing that is everlasting. Far succeeding the effects of money. Even if you lived in a small apartment in the Hood, even if you're on food stamps, struggling to provide for your family. Your family will see your struggle and grow to appreciate you more. They'll love you more and be grateful. That is Apart of the American dream. You don't have a wife and children, you find a soulmate and a family.

             Another part of The American Dream that isn't what it seems is going to College. The “American Dream” states that going to College and graduating with minimal student loans is a necessity in achieving the American Dream. Although, that would be anyone's dream, that's unrealistic for the millions of Americans who even make it to College. However, this doesn't mean you can't find happiness. My Grandparents didn't go to college, yet, my Grandfather has his own company & my grandmother is happily retired. Many people think College is the ultimate goal of education(which it is) but they don't realize that College is expensive being forever in Student Loans. It's basically making money to pay off what you owe. A never-ending cycle of making money to have it taken. College Isn't for everyone, you don't have to go to be happy or get a high paying Job. Work with what you have and you'll find self success.

       Many people are bewildered into thinking you MUST have a big home to successfully live a the American Dream. I was once bewildered myself that having a big home was a necessity. But to my surprise it wasn’t. When i went to my Uncles home just a few weeks ago i was reminded just how grandiose in size his home was but i also felt uncomfortable. It had too many windows and a big backyard. It was then that i realized that i would rather live in the compacted space of an apartment after High School. I feel like i cannot be the only one feeling this way. What is there to gain from living in a huge mansion or a big house? When i was younger i lived in a small apartment and i felt happy. Just because you have a big house doesn’t make it a home. A home is made up of love and happiness shared with yourself and others, no matter where you live.

       To this end, The American Dream may seem like the ultimate goal for americans. But this shouldn’t be something you chase, it should be something you cherish because Americans live the American Dream everyday. All it takes is self love and awareness. Be aware of the things you can work with. You may not have a lot of Money to own a big house or afford college, but as long as you have love you have a home. Even if that means you get love from yourself. Its always better to count your blessings than to count money. To me, The American Dream is to love yourself and to be grateful. 




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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