I believe that we inspire each other.

I stand on the pavement of the Detroit riverwalk in the freezing river wind. The sun is blocked by hundreds of posters made by parents, students and teachers. Their conversation of what we believe in, makes us forget about the cold and warm us up. We are marching for our lives. Marching for a safer school. Marching for a better education. Using freedom of speech.

In America we have the opportunity to do what we dream of. Someone who stands up for what they believe in and use his strengths to educate and inspire people is Lin Manuel Miranda. Lin read a very large book about one of our founding fathers and after a couple pages knew he had to write a musical. He was inspired by Alexander Hamilton’s story then made a musical to share his story and invited schools to come see show and asked them to share their talents.

I believe my American creed mainly focuses on individualism because in America we can be ourselves and follow our dreams. We do this by fighting for our rights when they are threatened. Our freedom of speech is a vital part of how we do this. In my first paragraph I told a brief story of my favorite parts when I was at the ‘The March for our Lives’ march. The march is a good example of how my community helps me fight for what I support. I talked with other people and learned their views and explained my own. This helps me inspire and teach the people around me.

My American creed connects with my family because my family encourages me to do want I want to do for example they want me to develop my talents, by being in Musicals, choirs and learn how to dance. Because I am being myself, I’m using my inalienable rights.  




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ELA 11 6th Hour

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