My piece is about my family history and the lessons we have learned through the years.

I feel what it means to be American is too have the choice to do what you want to do in your life. In America you can marry who you want you can go to school where you want in most aspects. You can also choose where you live, and you can choose your religious beliefs.

A story about my family in America is that my uncle is living the American dream he is a actor who has met as worked with all sorts of famous people including George Clooney, Hugh Jackman and countless others. My uncle did not start out with a easy life he lived with my grandmother who took them to his grandfather's farm and they helped out on the farm. The stories we learned when we were young help shape our future. In other words the shadows of the past can sometimes be felt by the present. In this case my uncle learned what hard work was but he also learned of the benefits it has.

The American dream in my life is being able to grow up and do whatever i want to do with my life. One example is how i go to Otech. What i learn to tech helps me in the career path i want to follow which in my case is Cyber Security. What i learn about is how to prevent hackers from stealing personal info from a person. I also learned how to building a computer from scratch. I also learned how to make different types of cables from scratch. Overall i have learned how to prevent cyber criminals from doing attacks that are illegal. I have also learned the meaning of hard work from this experience. This is a aspect of the american creed because you can't expect to get rich by sitting on your butt and doing nothing. That's a misconception of the American Creed that you can get rich fast with minimal effort but really it takes hard work and dedication to make anything of your life.

The American Creed in my grandmother’s view is that you have to find a balance between work and family. My grandmother is very good at finding that balance. An example is when my grandmother worked for Channel 7 for 26 years. She was a reporter that had to work constantly but she still made time to take me and my sister out to ice cream and took us shopping for Webkinz when me and my sister were younger. She also found time to take us camping up north in ludington, MI, and also take time out of her vacation to take us the the amusement park Michigan’s Adventure.

The American Creed is about hard work, dedication, and understanding that there is no easy way to get to the American Dream besides hard work and dedication. Also once you get there it not the easy life you got to keep working hard to maintain the American Dream. Also it is important that once you get there you got to remember where you came from and who came before you help you on this path of life. In other words "the shadows of the past can sometimes be felt by the present." This saying means that your past can impact your future. Overall the American Creed is about hard work and dedication.




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