My Writing is about the American Dream my family's past and heritage.

So I'm going to write about my Heritage and my family past. So I’m about 25% Canada and 25% Irish and about 50% American. Both of my parents were born in American and my Dad's Mom and Dad were both born in America but there parents where both born somewhere else like my Grandpa's Dad and Mom were both born in Ireland and came to America around 1920s and my Grandpa was born in America during the Great Depression he was very young during the Depression but always tells me how he had to work when he was young to help provide for his family during the Depression and so did his older Brother. He also told me how his Dad wasn't around much and made it so that he had to work even more.Even through his life was hard at the same time he still was living the American dream, To Him the American dream when he was young was living healthy going to school and be able to kind of do what he wanted without getting his Mother mad at him.The older he got the american dream became a little different but still had some same things when he was a kid. Now a days he says we have it easy which we do because of the technology we have but I believe that the American dream to most people doesn't really matter when your were born is having the right to do and say what you want and being able to make a better life for you and your family. I asked my grandma the same question once and she said that was the dream of hers if she had thought about the American Dream when she moved here. Why do you think so many people from other countries want to come to America It's so they can have freedom and be able to do what they want and be able to make a better life for them and their family that’s why almost everyone that immigrated to the United States no matter what time was trying to make a better life for them and their families. Like my grandpa didn't say that’s what his American dream was but if you asked his parents they would have said that’s what there American dream was and that's why they moved to the U.S.

So my grandpa and his Brother were both in the military and he talks about how the military was ruff and how he signed up during the Vietnam War but wasn't shipped over because the war ended he was glad that he didn't have to fight a war in another Country and possible die, he was glad that he gained the experience of being in the Army even though it was a hard experience. My family isn't a big Military Family only my Grandpa was in the Army and my older Brother is in the Air Force but the reason they both went in it to make a better life for them and their Family. My Grandpa join the army because he wanted to take care of his Mother and send her money to help her out. Now you probably are thinking how could my Heritage and a kind of military family connect. When one of your family is in the military and makes you think about how they fought for your freedom and let you have the chance to live your American dream it makes you want to join and let other people be able to live their american dream to be able to have the say and the able to do what they want and to provide and better future for their family. It Also makes you think about your heritage and makes you think about what family members where in the Military.

Having my Grandpa in Military didn't really affect my thoughts about the Military and I didn't really think about even having it as a possibility of a career . But then my Older Brother went into it and I started thinking about joining and started thinking about how everyone else that signs up risks there life for me to have my American Dream and made me think about joining so I can let others have the same chance to experience the American Dream that I got to experience.

So in conclusion to everything I feel like the American dream is being able to provide a better life for your family and being able to have the freedom of speech and to be able to do what you want instead of being told what you have to do.




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