This is a piece about my life in the past 18 years in America

In my 18 years on this planet, i've lived in America, and there's no other place I would rather live. I've seen and heard about so much hate here in America, but where in the world isn't there hate and crime. I grew up hearing about 9-11 stories and i was only one when the terrorist attacks occurred at the world trade center in New York. I remember it was a sunny beautiful day in Royal Oak, Michigan and I was just getting home from middle school around 2:00 pm. I remember turning on my tv and watching the news station talk about the ongoing Boston marathon and about ten seconds later I saw two bombs go off and showed the mass amount of people that were hurt and killed. There was so many tears and fear in people's eyes. It was the first attack after 9-11. The people performed both attacks because they hate what America stands for and the way we live. You will always hear and see crimes everywhere you go and it will always be a reoccurring problem.

My life growing up had been filled with breaking news stories and hearing about crime in America as well as overseas. People around the world will always hear about these charges, those are two popular topics that revolve around the world. The biggest variety of crime occur due to alcoholism, money, drugs and so much more. The news souce BBC, stated, “Most people today accept that poverty, parental neglect, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug abuse are all connected in explaining why people commit crimes”. In American poverty, drugs and alcohol are so easy to obtain, drugs can cause you to lose everything you have and even hurt the innocent People around you. United States laws on drugs can make a person with drugs in there system or on their person lose their job or ability to get a job. It can also wreck your chances to go to college, if you are caught.

I grew up with my older brother getting introduced with the world of drugs, he used to take me to the East side of Detroit when I was a younger boy and i've seen a lot of things a little boy should never go through. I've seen the way people live with drugs and the way that people sell them with no hesitation, thinking about the negative affects they have on peoples lives. People sell and import drugs because they grew up with family members going through times of hard addiction and even passing away because of them. They believe they dont have much to live for because they are so painfully close to poverty or are already experiencing it. Its their way to provide for their family and for themselves, it's a crazy life to live because it’s a serious crime in a run down place where gangs take over the blocks.

My 18 years living in america i've seen many different ways of life and met many different personalities. Life here can go three ways, you can be poor, doing everything you can do to live with no care left in the world, you can live in the middle class, living life working 8-12 hours a week to provide for your family or you could live within the wealthy higher class having no care for others besides yourself.

In conclusion, my 18 years in america has been amazing due to the life I live and all of my experiences, I couldn't ask for a better life to be living. I just wish for a safer america then the one I live in today.




Royal Oak High School Ready for Fun

ELA 11 6th Hour

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