A short depiction of what America is really like. What people think of America and the truth about America can be totally different. It is not the greatest and sometimes its not united. Its a madjusted system.

America is unable to cope with the normal demands of its society. People are dying day and night. People are living in poverty. People have no homes and live on the streets. People barely have jobs and rarely make ends meet with their bills. So saying America is the greatest is a far stretch. Saying America is united is a far stretch. This country struggles to accept the many that are different like those who have a different skin pigment or sexual orientation. How can we be united? If we continuously point out the differences between one another. How can we be the greatest? If we look past the wrong doings that happen constantly throughout our nation. How was America discovered when there was already people living here? Seems to me it started off as a rigged game.

Don’t get me wrong America has some great qualities.We have different cultures, religions, and ethnic groups:Diversity. People live their days freely without a dictatorial system. People get to express how they feel or live how they want. People come here to follow their dreams and make a living for their family if they can’t do so in their own county. Even then you have those things being ripped away from some people. America is terrible in some ways but if we come together as a collectible these things can be solved. At the end of american its in. You start with the individual then it grows to we can. So how about it?

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