What American Creed means to Me:

To me, American creed is engaging in politics and forming political beliefs, creating and achieving goals, being passionate in your nation and in general, and of course freedom. All of these traits are so important to being American because they promote individualism and allow for the Declaration of Independence's pursuit of happiness.

Politics are at the core of what it means to be an american. Those who engage in politics help shape the nation and make positive change for themselves and for others. Even those who don’t or can’t take part in politics directly can form their own individual beliefs about what’s best for them. This unique formation of beliefs for each person helps to further individualism for each American, and therefore it’s at the center of American creed.

Goals, too, are unique to each individual, and both creating and achieving them are essential. The American Dream is one of the most recurring themes in American art and literature, and for good reason. Americans set all types of goals, from dream jobs and colleges to just dream meals or vacations. Regardless, every American has the individual liberty to create and achieve any goal they set their mind to, and this truth should be part of everyone’s American creed.

Passion is also a major part of what it means to be an American. This passion can be in the form of patriotism, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be passion for your nation. Many are passionate about their jobs, families, or other aspects of their lives, and every American has something in their lives to be passionate about, maybe even just themselves.

You can’t have American creed without freedom. Freedom is essential to individuality, and everyone should have freedom in all aspects of their lives. It’s built into the constitution, the reason for the declaration of independence, the list goes on. Freedom is arguably the most important value to me as an American, and therefore deserves to be part of my American creed.




Bay High School 2nd Block

2nd Block AP Gov

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