This is a short essay about how my father's actions have inspired me through the years and shaped who I am today.

                                             My American Creed

When I think of America I think hardworking and dedicated. Two things I try to be. It’s crazy though because everyone thinks because I’m white everything has always been handed to me when that’s really not the case. No one thinks we have to be hardworking because of white privilege, what they don’t know though is how hard my family has actually had to work. Since I was little my dad has been the one in my family to provide for everyone. I understand it was hard for him considering he was the only one really providing for the family, but I just feel like he wasn’t working as hard as he could have been. No disrespect to my dad because he really did do a lot for his family. He really inspired me to be very hardworking and not fall into his footsteps of missing work just because I don’t feel like going, or not going after something I want because it seems too hard.

I remember times where my dad would have to get extensions on bills because he didn’t work enough days to make a good paycheck. Either that or his boss wouldn’t pay him but he’s too much of a pushover to say something. He still to this day has those same problems, where he has to borrow money or get loans to pay bills. I don’t ever want to do that because I hate owing people money. That’s because of my dad, everyone complains about how he nevers pays them back and they don’t like giving him things. I don’t want to be that person.

My dad is the type of person that works paycheck to paycheck and doesn’t worry about his responsibilities until it's too late to take care of them. No one should be living like that, especially a father who has kids to provide for. It's not that he didn’t completely worry about the bills or trys to pay them, it's just that his priorities are not straight. He puts his wants before his needs and doesn’t see the problem with it.

Since I was a kid I’ve looked up to my dad and have been inspired by him, but the best thing he inspired me to do was become hardworking and not let my laziness get in the way of my work, and I don’t. I even take other people’s shifts at work and get more hours. I know how to save money and prioritize. When I know I need something I make that my top priority and don’t let things get in the way of me getting it. This is all thanks to my dad for showing me how important it is to be a hard worker and keep my priorities straight.




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