Get Down

What are you doing to stop the running blood of schools?

By Addison M. from Bay High School in Ohio

Get Down.

on one knee

on the ground

words that too many

must hear.

How many more must

Fall Down

before someone recognizes

that something must be done?


A number almost 

every American

knows since May 24th.

We take a knee

for them

but what about

all the others?



and social media posts

only go so far.

It's time to address the 

real problem.

It's time to address

mental health.

The Second Amendment.

Should it have been

put in place?

It doesn't matter.




In schools,

mental health outreach

decreases the chance

of violent outbursts


Even something small,

like a smile,

a wave,

a greeting.

In community,

we must have


Help for others


help for ourselves.

Practicing self-love,

detoxifying feed,

finding things

you enjoy.


Having conversations,

encouraging love,

inviting others

to events.

In country,

starting a charity,

a protest,

a movement.

Sitting and praying,

thinking and hoping

that things will change.

Be louder.

Like those who say,

Get Down.

In the world,


Be loud.

No matter what,


if you think

this is important,

really important,

then go.

And be loud.

Who cares

what they think?

So go,

and Be Loud.

Don't allow anyone

to say

Get Down


Bay High School

4th Block

4th Block AP Gov

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