My America

My American Creed expressed through different verses and an structured chorus. Acceptance, change, individuality, and the freedom to think for yourself.

By Larson T. from Bay High School in Ohio

Another story in the news today, 

Another shooting-

No action.

Another killing-

No change.

This is not the behavior that we should accept.

This is not the government we want to support.

MY American Creed is change.

My America would never treat me like that,

My America could never be so cruel,

My America-

unjust, hateful.

My Americans,

cruel, unfair.

My America would never treat me like that.

Another tweet,

Another hateful message,

Another individual who cannot see any error in their ways.

Love is Love.

I should not be perceived differently for who I am,

I should not be scared by some internet troll.

MY American Creed is acceptance.

My America does not always agree,

My America does not always put me first,

My America-

forgetful, carefree.

My Americans,

intolerant, unkind.

My America does not care about me.

Living in America means an endless supply of ideas.

Living in America means an endless supply of arguments.

But this is good-

This is really good.

How would America change or learn with minds that don't work,

Minds that don't wish for change.

MY American Creed is individuality and the freedom to be unique.

My America was made for me,

My America was made for you too.

My America-

free, successful.

My Americans,

courageous, involved.

My America may not be perfect, but

My America fights for me.

My America fights for my family.

My America fights for my rights to say what I say and think what I think.

My America fights for my right to be loved.

My American fights so I can love.

My America-

beautiful and brave.

My Americans,

beautiful and brave.

MY American Creed means that everyone has their own American Creed.

Bay High School

4th Block

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