This is my American Creed.

Actions make a person a person. They're what make an American an American. Throughout history actions turned colonists into Americans, immigrants into Americans, and define our culture as a whole. Action made our government, our schools, our people.  Action builds character, courage, determination, and rebellion. 

Character- Character is the backbone of our country. Character makes our people kind, smart, and willing. Our values to protect others, make something of our future, and build define an American. We worked to helped our allies in WW1 and worked to turn the war in WW2. We have been coined as the nation of opportunity. We earned this title throughout our past as we looked towards the present and will continue to look towards our future. We have built this country from the ground up. A great example can be found in Washington D.C., we turned an unwanted swamp into one of the most prominent city in the U.S..

Courage- Courage has given us the conviction to rise and fight for what's right. To this day our people chant 1776, the year of our country's most defining moment. We gained courage to fight in the WW1 and 2, Vietnam and Korea. Some still debate our involvement, but we joined each and every one with a common goal: protect democracy. Courage is the heart of our country.

Determination- Determination is like an apple tree in our country. Seeds and apples can be found all over, but what makes an Americans determination different is how we water them. We let our determination grow, sometimes a little too much, but too much is better than too little. Determination is what gives the U.S. the most top 500 global companies, 126. It's what allows us to pursue our dreams and create. Determination is the brain of the United States.

Individuality- Individuality is what makes the United States the United States. It makes the United States the redhead of the world. Allowing people to be themselves creates a strong and happy population that grows success and innovation. Individuality grows ambition which helps improve ourselves and others around us. Individuality is the soul of our United States. 

The American creed(dream) is a body. It has many parts and requires food and water to grow. So as it grows, it gets more bigger and more complicated. But this complication is a good thing. It separates us and makes Americans Americans. So as we grow, we redefine what it means to be an Americans for the better. 




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1st Block AP Gov

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