What is your American creed?

Extraneous, dangerous, necessary

Some people die chasing their dreams

Some people own these dreams

Some people make them

A tired old man stands with his hammer

He prods and smacks the hot piece of metal laying in front of him

He has to wonder if it’s all been worth it

The old man leaves the factory

He doesn’t feel well today

A little feeling in his stomach drives him nuts

An old dream of baseball still hangs in the den

With a quick aversion the old man heads for bed

What really is success?

Is it just about money?

That can’t be all

Day in and day out, the loud bangs of metal ring through the man's ears

Day in and day out, the loud bangs of life ring through the man's ears

But one day there’s a switch

The old man retires

He walks away

Never to be seen again

Where does he go?

The man returns to his safe place

Away from all the loud noise

He sits at a table, he is surrounded by his family

He looks around him and thinks about what he sees

He sees a loving wife of 70 years

He sees an engineer running a business

He sees an executive of a big oil company

He sees a school teacher making a great impact

He sees a soldier who fought for our country

The old man gets happy

He congratulates himself on having done it

The old man has paved the way for his future family

They could be the president

All because he worked in that factory




Bay High School 1st Block

1st Block AP Gov

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