My American Creed

This is my American Creed

By Owen G. from Bay High School in Ohio

My American Creed is centered around remembering family history, commitment to success through faliure, and an awareness of the immensely fortunate position of being born in this country. I believe it is an American's responsibility to remember the history of their family, using their lineage to shape their American idenity. America is unique as a country, it's made up of so many people that originally come from all over the world. It is important to use what you have come from to shape what you are now, the unique stories of American families must be shared. Personally, I have family connections to countries like Norway and Germany and to other regions of the United States and I use the stories that come from those places to make up my American identity. Another part of my American Creed is moving through failure towards success. An American is not stopped by setbacks, they must move towards the success that this country gives them the chance to have. Hard work and dedication have been qualities of the ideal American since the creation of the country, and I find those qualities as important to be included in my American Creed. Finally, my American Creed includes gratitude for the fortunate position Americans have in this country. It is very important to be always thankful to be American, being born in this country is a privledge and sometimes it's hard to remember that. An American resposibility should be to give their time or money in the forms of service and charity for the betterment of their community as an act of thankfulness for the great oppurtunity presented in the U.S. My American Creed emphasizes values of family history, gratitude and perseverance.

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