I believe that one of the core values of being an American citizen is serving your community and others around you. Putting in time and effort to help your community is one of the most important things we can do to help our nation prosper.

One of the biggest things we can do as a country is show love to those around us regardless of their background. In fact, we should celebrate the stories of those around us and appreciate the diversity of this nation. To keep this country on the road to improvement and prosperity, we should all do our best to serve our communities, our neighbors, and even our country as a whole. No matter what efforts people put into the nation, big or small, they have an impact. Max Pacheco is a firefighter with the CHET Volunteer Fire Department. A large portion of his community was forced to evacuate the area they lived in because of the more frequent wildfires. Pacheco and his family decided to stay and fight to save their community and hopefully make it a safer place. When their city lost power, the CET fire department became a safe place for anyone. It used a backup generator to keep power. The small group who stayed became very close, and the community members look out for each other by sharing food and supplies. This is a great example of American Creed in community. It is always important to look out for your country and community.




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