My essay is about why people should be different and why being different is not a bad thing but it's a really good thing. I also talked about how everyone should just accept people for who they are

Why it’s good for People Should Be Different

I believe that it’s good for people to be different. Some people think it is weird for people to be different then them.They will tease them and make fun of the person just for something that they like or enjoy to do that they don’t like themselves. A lot of people think it’s good to just be like everyone else and to just do the same thing that everyone else does, But in reality the world is so much better with variety and something unique with each person and without any of that this world would be so dull.

For example just imagine everyone the same race skin color gender and we all just look the same and we all had the same hobbies we did everything the same.

My first topic is Accept People for who they are and the example I have for this one is the story that we were reading in class called Were All Different In Our Own Ways and in this story it is talking about how no one accepted him and they would just tease him for liking something else that was different from what they liked. He always talked about snakes and lizards and his obsession with godzilla. I found a quote in the story talking about how they would tease him and in this quote his teacher was asking him if he has aspergers. “In third grade, my teacher informed me that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I said, “So what? Do you know that Godzilla’s suit weighs 188 problems?”

Second topic Is that is prepares for greater success. This is an example for this topic, Just imagine if you are at a job interview and everyone one is thinking and brainstorming the same thing and they all have the same exact idea. No one will ever want that and if you are going to hire people you want some different ideas instead of the same idea. This is why it’s good to be different it can really change the way jobs work. This is just like everyone doing the same sport and not doing any other sports and different hobbies is a really good thing and you can get different careers from different hobbies and if we were all the same we would all be doing one job.

My Third topic is skin color doesn’t matter. In To Kill A MockingBird, Tom Robinson was treated very different from the people that were white and the only reason why he was treated different was because he was black. That to me is just really stupid. It was really unfair for Tom Robinson in court just because he was black and there was no evidence that he was guilty for rape but instead they just sent him to jail. People thought it was right to hate him just because he has a different skin color. Tom Robinson was black and should have been treated the same as any other person should. People should just learn how to accept people for who they are.

These are the reasons why everyone should be proud if they are different from everyone else and it shouldn’t be a bad thing to be different, I don’t understand how people think it’s a bad thing, In my opinion I think it’s a lot better to be different from everyone else and people should not be hating on you just because you do something different than them or you look different than the, people should just accept everyone for who they are.




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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