This essay is about the friendship that can form between the dog and their owner. About the benefits of having a dog and taking care of it.

A Dog’s Friendship - By Elayna Latkowski 

I believe that dogs make the best friends. That there’s no other creature that's as loyal and loving as a dog. If you’ve owned a dog and gave it a loving home, you have seen first hand the attachments dogs make to those they care about. I believe, if you haven’t had a dog. Your missing out on something very precious.

Dogs bring something else other then love to your home, they also bring a responsibility. Before I adopted my dog, Castiel, I’d often wake up and waste away the day in bed doing absolutely nothing, my personal needs being avoided till absolutely necessary. When we welcomed Cas into our lives I knew I couldn’t keep up with the way I had been doing things, and I began to be okay with that. I now had someone to take care of other then myself, someone that I wouldn’t want to be in bed all day and someone I wanted to have a full stomach. My dog gave me a reason to wake up.

Once, my friend Ashley stepped on her newly adopted puppies tail. It had only been a few weeks since they brought the black lab home along with her sister, Brynn (another black lab). She clearly remembers hearing Zoey yelp and turn around in shock, as well as the fear of being hated by her new family member. But the anger was never there, the pup just ran up to her and asked to be pet. There was no “Hey what was that for?!” or “Why’d you do that??”. Dogs love you unconditionally, no matter your faults or accidents. They don’t judge you on your age or looks, your opinions or interests. They just want to be around you.

Having a dog doesn’t just affect the relationship between you and said dog, but also you and your family members. My family has benefitted from Castiel joining are home in many ways, he has given us a way to spend more time with each other. Taking a walk with my mom, dad, brother, and Castiel is now a weekly event. As well as taking Cas for a bath, which definitely adds a lot of shared laughs between my family and I. As well as playing catch with my dad and Cas. Not that we didn’t spend time together before the adoption, but it’s much easier to bond without having to plan an event or spend money.

In conclusion, I believe that dogs make the best friends. That they add an element that many don’t even realise there missing. They are always there for you, in the best and worst of times. They even love the things you don’t love about yourself. They never look down upon you and are always open to listen to you and never hold any judgement. At some point in there lives, everyone should be able to form a bond with a dog. If you never have I strongly suggest you go over to a friend or family members house with a dog of their own and get to know them. Don’t adopt or foster a dog if you aren’t financially or emotionally capable, but if you are you should definitely consider bringing a caring canine into your family.




Royal Oak High School Lundy Language Arts

Angela Lundy's ELA 9 classes 2017-18.

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