What the American creed expectations are and how everyone else should see them is way different then what it actually is.

When you think of the American Creed, you think of people getting along and fighting together. People being welcomed anywhere and everywhere no matter the color of a person’s skin color or gender. People being treated equally and not different because of their sexuality or the way they like to dress. A place where kids are safe and parents feel comfortable with taking them for a walk around the park. A place where you can receive a great education in any school. Where the school is actually a safe and harmless place not just for the kids but for the adults as well. A place where people enjoy the freedom given to them.

But Instead, when you look at America, you get none of this. What you do get is a news story about another school shooting that injured this many people and killed that many others. Or another white police officer shooting another black unarmed person because they “thought” that they were carrying a weapon. Or even another kid being abducted from their family. What you do get is someone being treated differently and verbally abused or worst because they choose to like the same gender. What you do get is a kid ending their life before it even started because they can't take all the pain that they feel inside from getting bullied and mistreated. What you do get is hatred and separation among people in America.

This needs to end, we need to learn that we are all people and being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What a lot of the people don’t understand is that what makes us different, actually makes us the same. The same in being unique in our own way. The same in being the one and only them in this world of billions of people. The same in having their own thoughts and their own opinion in their very own mind. What we believe in or what are race is or our political standpoint shouldn't affect how we view other people or better yet how we treat them. Because we see someone as being different, we think that it's wrong but it’s not. We need to understand that violence will only make matters worse. Understand that taking someone else’s life is selfish. That bullying someone is horrible.

Maybe then we would become united as one. Appreciate the differences of other people other than yourself. Help people out at difficult times instead of being a bystander and watching it unfold and turn into something worse. Taking into consideration how others feel. Learn in a safe environment not having to worry about if your school is next to be a victim of a school shooting. Make America creed worth it’s title.




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