This writing is about the importance of education in America and how it helps our lives be successful.

The opportunity of having an education in America is important because it leads to a successful life. The freedom that we have in America allows for us to choose whatever we want to do in life, and education helps us get there. Like many other people, I want to have a successful life. For me, this includes a good career that pays well so I can have my own family some day. Having freedom in America is what allows me to choose where I want to work in the future. This shows that the education we have in America helps lead to success, because it is already helping me with my future and im only 17 years old.

In the documentary The American Creed, Leila Janah talks about her life. She says that her parents came from Calcutta “with little more than a suitcase and dreams of a better life.” Leila worked hard in school, got lots of scholarships, and went to Harvard. Now, she’s a successful entrepreneur. Being in America gave her the freedom to choose whatever she wanted to do in life, and she chose to become an entrepreneur. Having an education in America is what helped her learn new things and prepare for her career. If her parents hadn’t moved, she never would’ve had the opportunity of education in America, and she wouldn’t have had a successful career and life like she does right now.

While many people in America have the opportunity for a good education, many others don’t have the same opportunity. One of the main reasons for this inequality has to do with money. In an article from EdLab, Bobur Tuegunboev makes a comment saying, “Education in nowadays becomes more costly such that poor parents of the most talented student cannot even think of getting their wards admitted into such institute.” He is talking about people having an unequal opportunity of education because they don’t have enough money to go to a certain school. Not having an education makes it a lot harder to become successful.

Unlike many Americans who don’t have an opportunity of good education, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity. My grandparents have been saving up for many years now for all 6 of their grandchildren, including me, to go to college. Thanks to them, I have the opportunity of going to college for the career that I want. By going to college, I’ll be able to learn everything I need to know for working in the medical field. After college, I’ll get a good job that pays well, which will allow me to save up for a house someday, and have a successful life.

In an article from EdLab, Kafoumba Doumbia talks about the importance that education has on our lives. He says how education helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. He states that without education, information cannot be converted into knowledge. Education makes us capable of interpreting things, among other things. It is not just about lessons in textbooks, it’s also about the lessons that we learn in life. Education helps every aspect of our lives, and without it we wouldn’t be very successful at all. Education doesn’t only help with the academic aspect of our lives, it also aids to our social developments as well, which results in success.

The opportunity of having an education in America is very important because it leads to having a successful life. Although some people may not have the same opportunity as others do, having the opportunity gives people hope of a successful life.




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