My American Creed is what I see in America everyday. I wake up everyday not knowing what will happen that day, week, month or even that year. It's so many bad things happening in America that it just scares me. I just hope we all can help better America and it's sad habits.


Where it isn’t safe,

You could be walking down the street

And someone could come up to you

And put a gun up to your head

And try to rob you


Where kids get kidnapped,raped and killed

And nobody does much to prevent it

Or even give that child the justice they need


Where even schools aren’t safe

Children coming to get there education

And get killed instead

What are we doing to stop this America ?


Where nobody is really safe

Not even the elderly,

Not even the babies,

Not even the blind,

Not even the deaf,

Not even our own president


Where we need to stop all of this negativity

Stop all the killing,

Stop all the raping,

Stop all the kidnapping,

Stop all the school shooting,

Just keep our America safe


Where we are “united”

But are we actually acting like it ?

We are the ones killing and hurting each other

We as Americans need to stop this




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