Let's talk about how tolerable America is.

I wanted to make this poem positive

I wanted to talk about my “proud” country

I wanted to talk about all the things I see

In my “proud” country

Like how black men make up 35% of prison inmates

Or how when I type beautiful women in Google’s search bar

You don’t see a black woman until two pages down

But hey, it’s not that bad

I mean we have a president with no political experience

Running one the world biggest countries

Who has a history of sexually assaulting women

But don’t worry he’s good to us right?

He wants to build a wall

That citizens are going to have to pay for

And if it’s through our taxes it’ll take

At least four generations to pay it off

But don’t worry

I’m sure he’s considered that most immigrants

Don’t come here by the border

But in fact planes, but hey!

Maybe some planes can’t fly over walls

I means mexicans are crossing over onto our territory


It’s not like California, Arizona, Texas, and other South-Western states

Use to be apart of Mexico

It’s not like America took that territory and claimed it as its own

But hey now, we aren’t that bad

Our citizens on average work 40 hours a week

Such hard workers they are

That’s crazy considering that

Germany has the world’s best economy

And they work an average of 35 hours and week

Not to mention the average annual

Wages are $5,000 dollars more than ours

And 1 in 4 Germans only work part time

Don’t worry though we can fix this

Maybe our current students/future workers can change this

That may be bit hard though

I mean with all the current shootings

Some of our great future Americans might not make it

To graduation at this rate and honestly that

And all this other malarky makes me sick

Oops! I guess that wasn’t so positive though...

Honors Class

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