Nikki Grimes's poem "The Bronze Legacy" visual poetry analysis Assignment includes images that connect to the poem. Determined literary devices, themes, and structure of the poem to understand the messages the author was trying to convey.

The title means how it feels to be brown and its importance. It also means being brown is like a bronze trophy. A metaphor is when you compare two unlike things directly. Metaphors are used in this poem when the author says being brown is “like the strongest things that make up this earth”. Also, she says “Like the mountains grace and grand. The literary device that is used in the poem is symbolism. It means the author uses objects to express what he is trying to say. It connects to its theme of how you should be proud of your heritage when he says It’s a noble gift to be brown valuing the brown heritage. The poem doesn’t have a rhyme structure or pattern instead it talks about symbolism and imagery. One theme is to value and accept one’s ethnicity. Another theme is you should be proud of your ethnicity.




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