It talks about how Condoleezza Rice, Joe Maddon, and Deidre Prevett follow and understand the American Creed

     Have you ever been asked, are you American? And wonder what makes you an American. Well there is something called the American creed and some people follow and understand the American creed and that’s how they would define being an American. In the film American Creed Condoleezza Rice, Joe Maddon, and Deidre Prevett, all understand and follow the American creed; they all value family and community.

     Condoleezza Rice tells a story about her grandfather to show how her family raised her to value family and community. Her grandfather does this by getting his college degree and once he got his college degree he did not leave his community. He wanted the next generation to have a chance in life like how he had a chance in life. He started building churches but he did not stop there. He began to build schools for the children and helped them prepare for college so they had a future where they would not live in poverty. That is how he followed and understood the American creed. He did not leave his community. He thought about them and helped them out.

     Joe Maddon also understood and followed the American creed by creating a community between Anglo and Hispanic people in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Maddon tells the story of his grandparents who immigrated to the United States from the “old country.” He tells us that Hazleton was discriminating against Hispanic immigrants who recently moved to Hazleton in search of a better life. He creates an organization that brings Anglo and Hispanic kids together first. By doing this he makes them unite and not go against each other. He also says, “The moment we trust each other. That’s when we can build something.” He is saying that we should trust each other so we can start building things we would not have thought of building in our lifetime, metaphorically or physically.

     Deidre Prevett is also another person that understands and follows the American creed because she works as a principal and tries to give kids a chance to have an education, she is giving them a chance to have a type of education that could help them in their life, she also says “What I’m doing now is kinda paying it forward” saying that she is making the future for the country by educating future doctors, nurses, scientist, etc.

     In conclusion, Condoleezza Rice, Joe Maddon, and Deidre Prevett all understand and follow the American creed because they all help their community or family in different ways.




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