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American Creed

Diverse Americans like Deidre Prevett, Eric Liu, and Condoleezza Rice understand the American creed because they connect it to education, community, and faith. When Condoleezza Rice said, “It doesn’t matter where you come from; it only matters where you are going.” This is technically saying that most people come from a place or background where they don’t have a lot of money, or also a background that doesn’t get treated well and people don’t like, but you can change that in America by working hard to stop that chain of poverty. In America, you can represent your background and make everyone change what they think when they stereotype people.

Deidre Prevett connects the American creed to education, and community. She says that “As long as you put in the work you can become anything or do anything you want” she also talks about how she serves the community and the next generation of children despite the obstacles preserved. Her family creek indian was able to keep their land which had oil in it, this paid for 5 generations to go to college and become educators, She says that she is living her american dream, that's to be an educator. Deidre makes herself visible every morning and waves at their parents to try and make a community with the parents, and in school she tries to make all the children feel loved so they feel that they are somewhere where they are welcomed and loved.

Eric Liu connects American creed to community, education, and family. His Parents immigrated to the US from china in the 50’s, he is second generation, he became a public servant in the government and for citizens University. He says that “I had the good fortune to be born American” because of his parents he now lives a better life than their parents. And that's what most parents do: they come to the U.S. not knowing anything and work hard so their family, sons could live a better life than they did. Eric Liu says ““There’s another set of things that Citizen University does that are much more about the culture. Because we have a great diversity in American life you have to ask yourself, ‘What is it that holds us together?’ And what holds us together is a creed … it is truly a civic religion” and he also says ‘“Naturalization ceremonies, when immigrants become citizens of the United States, they are among one of the most moving things you can possibly attend” I think that these ceremonies motivate someone because it makes you think that if they can do so can I, and then they go to citizen university and then they make a big community of Non-citizens. So the main point of this is that Eric Liu connects this to community, and education because he is making communities with the non-citizens and educating them as well so he can help them become citizens.

Condoleezza Rice connects American creed to faith, family, community, and education. She was successful at her school education because she made a path for self improvement. She says “If you could be educated … for Black American families, education became the Holy Grail … that access to education was going to change everything” that if they had access to education it was a holy grail, like if they had won the lottery. She also says “Anybody can come to this country and make something great. A country where education can change everything. People come to this country to work and have a better life.” and also “It doesn’t matter where you come from; it only matters where you are going” She is saying that with education it doesn’t matter where you come but matter where you are going, because you can be poor but with your education you can become someone important. Being American Means you have the ability and the opportunity to reinvent yourself, be who you want to be. And need Faith that you can do anything you want to do or want to be.

In conclusion all these people help America become a better and bigger community with all their diverse connections to the American creed and how they affect America in a positive way. And that's how Diverse Americans like Deidre Prevett, Eric Liu, and Condoleezza Rice understand the American creed because they connect it to education, community, and faith.




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