People say they want the American dream but what happens if the dream doesn't turn out to be good?

Me, my family and community all connect to my American Creed because we are all American citizens. We haven't always lived in Kentucky, we're originally born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. We moved to Kentucky while I was in second grade because my mom finally worked up enough money and found a new job which is at Toyota. She chose to move us because she knew it was best for us and her. Almost every weekend I remember us having to duck down because there was always someone shooting in our neighborhood. A nine year old girl that lived down the street that I seen a few times was shot and killed. Even though we lived close to each other, we still went to different schools because my mom had us go to a better school that we had to walk to everyday in all weather. My mom couldn't take us because she had to be at work every morning and with four kids at the time she did a great job for being a single mom and raising us. My oldest brother, Jermaine, was only 12 walking home from school and seen a man pointing  a gun at another man in the alley. Both my brothers Jermaine and Jemel were always in trouble and getting into fights. And it's not because they were acting out or even wanted to, you pretty much had to. Me and my younger sister, Brianna, once watched a few fights they in because we'd just be walking home from school and boys would run up on them. One time Jermaine was getting jumped by 4 boys and one was hitting him with a pole and I couldn't do anything but watch and I was 7 at the time. I'm not trying to make America seem seem all bad and scary because not all parts of America is like Chicago but Chicago has been getting out of control for years and it's only getting worse. We visit about 7 times a year. We aren't even allowed to go outside or walk to the corner store like we used to because there is sick and crazy people out there. So yes, people say they want the American dream but honestly, it's not always good. 




This is a class of mostly 11th grade U.S. History Students from Georgetown, KY.

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