The importance of small town events and impacting others.

America is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Our nation is a melting pot in which people come from everywhere to maximize on the endless opportunities that arise everyday. However, not everyone in America endures the same trials and tribulations as the next. The American Creed becomes instilled in each and every one of us and then molds us into the individuals we are. This imprint can be most commonly portrayed in the close to home community life. Our community participates in small town oriented events such as the Festival of the Horse, the Finley 5K, and the Kite Festival. 

The Festival of the Horse is held at the end of September and allows us the ability to show our pride for living in the horse capital of the world. People of all ages come out to the parade to participate in all of the fun activities and attractions that are set up in downtown Georgetown. 

The Finley 5K is a annual run in the memory of an infant who died from SIDS. The run raises awareness for SIDS; as wells as, gathers funding for research and development of a cure through the proceeds. During the race you can feel the unity in the community when everyone gathers together to support and lift up the Ellisons. 

Lastly, the Kite Festival is held in the spring. Even though the festival has no real meaning behind it people from all across town, with all different demographics come together as a family. 

We are all constant products of our environment and there is no better way to make more of an impact on others than starting local. 




This is a class of mostly 11th grade U.S. History Students from Georgetown, KY.

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