Some people come from places where their voices will not be heard. This is about a girl who seeks freedom similar to how it is in the United States.

By Maya H. from Desert View High School in Arizona

My brown skin radiates with heat

The hot African sun beating down upon my hut

I close my eyes

I see bright lights, the Statue of Liberty

I see the symbol of freedom

People of different colors

People whose voices are heard

People who are free

Why can’t I be like them?

Why can’t my voice be heard?

Where is my freedom at?

This land I am in

Women are not free

Women have no voice

One day I will be free

I will travel to America

The land where you can

become something bigger,

become something greater

Land of choice, land of voice

That’s what America means

Land of the Free

Desert View High School

Ms. Gale's Creative Writing Class

A collection of creative responses to the American Creed project.

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