A story about a kid who find's his history

There was a little Hispanic kid named Paco. He was really involved with his family and his community. He always wondered where he came from and where his ancestors came from. He would ask his Dad but his dad was always busy. So Paco called his mother and asked her were his ancestors came from but she was busy at the hospital with his nana. Paco decided to walk to the hospital to ask his nana.

His nana was very sick and she didn’t have that long to live. Paco goes up to her bed and holds her hand. He asks his nana where their family comes from. She said that there family was very well known in coyachi. Paco didn’t really know where that was so he asks his nana were that was. She told him to grab her purse and paco goes and opens the cabinet to grab the purse to rush and gives it to her. She looks in and pulls out a small stack of photos.

The photos were very old and there was her and her parents. There parents were so happy. She shows him another photo that is them on the way to Arizona. She tells paco that it was hard for them and they were a poor family and her parents wanted more for her so they decided to take her across the border to the united states. When they got to the border they weren't allowed to cross because they didn’t have a passport. They were sent back and they pulled up to a restaurant and they were just sitting there in the car and her mother was crying and her father got down and she was with her mother and she sees her father talking to the cashier and he gets 6 tacos and a bean and cheese burrito from the restaurant and once as he is walking back a guy turns around and gets in front of her father.

Paco asked was the guy going to rob him? She looked at him and said no, the guy just noticed that they had luggage on the top of the car and he saw her mother crying so he asked the father if they were having trouble crossing the border and she sees her dad nod. Her dad comes back to the car and he puts the bean burrito on the roof of the car and opens the door he hands her mother a plate of taco and he grabs the plate on the roof and he gets in the car. He gives the burrito to her. Her mother was to sad to eat and she just put the tacos on the dashboard. He looks at her and then at her mother and he says “ I got some good news” the guy that I was talking to knows away to get us across the border. Her mother looks at him and she stops crying and she gives him a big hug and she turns around and she gives her a big hug.

The guy goes to her fathers window and says it’s time to go. The guy jumps into his truck and they follow im and they drive for a hour and 45 minutes and they arrive at this one place and he said we got to leave their car here and the lugadge. They jump in back of the truck and the guy continues to drive and then they come to a stop and he said on the other side of that wall is Arizona. He got down and he grabs 3 gallons of water out of his truck and gives it to them and he tells them to go to the wall and there's a hole that they could fit through. He tells them to keep running and to never stop.

They came to a town called Tucson and they started their new lives. After 13 years they decided to try to become a united states citizen. They passed the class and they became a us citizen and they were happy. So Paco realized that he was taking everything for granted when people were struggling to have what he has. he found out that his great grandparents were immigrants and that they were proud to be a US citizen.




Desert View High School Ms. Gale's Creative Writing Class

A collection of creative responses to the American Creed project.

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