speaking on the differences in how families come up differently due to there surroundings. people should be equal, doesnt mean they were born and raised equal. people adapt depending on where they grew up from. Words come in play alot.

People should be treated equal, My creed might be that I don't care what race or I don't judge a book by its cover when it comes to people. as long as you guys are having a good time then you can see how that person is if they aint yo typa person that's ok. You don't gotta befriend them but also don't got to put them down. Not everyone is the same, people go thru different situations to get to where they wanna be, some people ain't get it as easy as others. its always good to be a little considering where a person grows up might be different from where you may have, might makes them strong depending on there surrounding. some times. I feel like some people instigate things tho like when it comes to some words. I mainly think its the context in what and how the person means what he says, and to just be cautious of how your words come out.




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