The American Spirit, and how we can bounce back and come back stronger than ever.

My theory of the American Spirit. You may think how you'd like to think. Feel free to leave comments if you'd like, I love hearing feedback on others opinions.

We are all United. We are all in this for the greater good, or for better or for worse. We all have different opinions on various things, and that's 100% ok, it's a given Amendment to us American people. Our 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech. But back to my opinion. I think the American Dream is based on how an American citizen or a person looks at the world, their personal beliefs, and the stories they've been told about this country. Everyone wants to live it, but not everyone can achieve it.

The American Dream is a fantasy people who hear about it are satisfied and want to live in it. But there are others who may think otherwise and would rather live in their own fantasies. The American people are driven by moving fast, wanting to keep up with the world, and always stronger once united. If an event goes on that affects our economy. Our spirit and faith will never be beaten down. We will get back up no matter what stands in our way. 

Our people are strong when united, if we have an opinion about an occurring event, or scenario we will loudly speak our opinion and be sure to make the right of it. The most beautiful and powerful act of the American Spirit, is the first MLB and the first NFL games that occurred after 9/11. After the very tragic event of 9/11, the American people helped out all they could with debris, construction, etc. But those first games after 9/11 were beautiful, American Flags everywhere, posters that people created that said, "God Bless America" "They may take down structures, but they will never take down our spirit." The list goes on and on. The amount of cheer, fireworks, faith, happiness, love, and belief was absolutely absurd. There is one person who not only the American people have faith in, know who they can go to for guidance, and know they can always count on. That person is God. God Bless this Country, God Bless our people, God Bless this world, God Bless Those of you who read this. God is always on our side. Amen.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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