Holidays Bring Us Together

What is my American creed, what makes me connect myself and my feelings to the other people who live here? What traditions, beliefs, holidays make us all come together as Americans? Everyone in the world has values, but in America I feel as if we have a lot of the same values, we value our families, our jobs, our people, our country. Obviously not everyone in the country is going to have the exact same beliefs or values but we can all agree that we all have a special connection with one another.

We all celebrate holidays with each other. We celebrate the 4th of July, this holiday really makes me think of my county and how lucky I am to be here we have many holidays that celebrate the country. And every single one of them makes all of us think about our country in some way. It makes us appreciate the place we live and the things we have.

When people hear America we think about war. We have gone through a lot of war, and not all of it has been good for us. Even though we have gone through a lot America still isn't scared to go to war if we have to. that's something we should all be proud of. we are also willing to help our friends if they get into a war for support. we are willing to take care of other people even if it does or doesn't do anything for us. this is what I connect to with other people in the country, I'm proud to be here.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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