America allowed me to receive a new education and gave my mom to live close to her parent.

I am a girl who comes from Vietnam. I remember the first time I heard the word America when I was a little kid, and I did not realize that I would step foot here. Everyone in Vietnam has a dream that they can live in America, the world of freedom. When I was ten years old, I knew that my grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins lived in America. My mom is the last person who does not go to America because she is married, so she can't go with her parents. But my grandparent has made a guarantee paper for my family. 2019, after 12 years of waiting for the interview, they already called us to notify us of the interview. We went to the interview, and after one month they sent us a result that we passed. I remember my mom crying. She cried because she could meet and live with her parent, and her siblings after 12 years of waiting.

The day we left Vietnam to go to America was a day that I can’t forget for the leftovers of my life. The day that I have to say goodbye to my friends, with all the people I know. This did not hurt me a lot, but my parents spent all their time living in Vietnam and had to say bye to their friends, neighbors, and relatives to follow us to a new country. And our American dream started by the day we stepped foot into American territory. The day our family stepped into American territory with no English, no friends but lucky we do have relatives. At first, I was so excited I was curious why everyone in the world wants to go to America. My first answer for that is how big and modern Americans are. I never saw that before, everything here is new to me.

After three years of living here, I now understand why people want to live in America. I received an education from school, knowledge, friends, freedom, and a great environment. America taught me a lot of things, giving me a lot of opportunities. I have the freedom to speak what I think and what I want. Of course, I have been depressed for two years because I can't get on well with people. But after I get over it, I'm more mature. I enjoy living here, learning a new language. Be friends with more people around the world. America opened a new chapter for me growing up. My life changed after the day I went to America. And I am grateful for everything I and my family have today.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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