I'm proud that I can freely talk about my religion without having to worry about getting in trouble with the government.

My American Creed is that I can freely share my beliefs of mine and other religions without being harassed and bullied. The fact that I can share and talk about my religion freely with people who might not believe in my religion or believe in one at all. I am so proud that our country has allowed us to share our thoughts and feelings about whatever religion that we believe in or disagree with. It shows me, my country is willing to listen to my personal beliefs and opinions on things that I feel strongly about. I personally know that some other countries don't have freedom of religion and some even want you to believe a certain tradition or religion or they will put you in a prison or ban you from certain places due to your beliefs.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or Mormons. Now in the past my religion has gone through so much prostitution and harassment just because they believed what they believed. We were pushed all the way to the west and chose Utah. Mormons had tried to become a state for years until they quit practicing polygamy and then it became a state. Now personally I believe that with Black History Month, Pride Month and things like that it deserves more respect and acknowledgment due to the fact that we were treated in similar things that happened to the LGBTQ.  We were treated so differently due to just something we believed that we had to fight for our ability to show our church and build our buildings without getting our people killed.

The main reason I am so proud is that we have improved our country in a way to believe and listen to other's religion and opinions. We've helped other people know our opinions and learn to respect ours. Talking freely and sharing our personal thoughts can change peoples opinions in a way where people can see in a way that they didn't. It doesn't force them to join but it gives them a choice to be the person that they are without having to worry about how other people will look at them or think about them.




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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