This poem is about sympathy towards people who don't share the rights I have. I'm thankful that Americans have the right to try to change their government and their surroundings. We all want what is best for our country.

Angels tread the earth

and as their voices billow

my heart swells

for they cry, 

"I'm overworked,

I'm underfed,

Please break my limbs,

so I may rest,"

Oh, God, stop their pain!

How could the angels

and I share

a common nature-

one that is adaptive,




and only I may

erect an enterprise,

and worship,

and speak,

And I may

utilize my voice 


and receive justice,

And, when overwhelmed

with abhorrent circumstances,

I possess the right

to try

to overcome  ?


my home alone

facilitates this.

My neighbors might never

be satisfied

with their achievements-

the incredible progress they've made...

How sore could their

stretched stomachs be?

And they are still hungry for change!

My God, it is their right .




Copper Hills High School Rollins Class

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