Two poems and a summary on my American Creed.

Small Town

Garage sale on lincoln in the morning

Drinking my bitter tea

The right to sell my property is so dear to me

Oh how glad to have the right to own a snicker-snee

What a beautiful place to live my life.

big trees and fruit so pompous

Oh If my life went cattywampus

I hope to be able to promise 

my children may call this town home 

vote, learn, and 

they must have a say

their vote must never be swayed.  

The Atlantic coast

Fresh breeze in the air

"I want some money but where?"

"Wow! wow! look over there!"

"land ho, land ho!" some hope of wonder and joy

A land to plunder and —"Oh boy! Oh boy!"

"What is that? It's so big, detailed and green!"

"Oh man! Oh man!" did it sheen.

immigrants far and wide will join communities,

and a grand green lady will start them off right — a nation with many liberties.  

The first poem in my duo is about the many small towns in America: the spheres they're in, and safety and security they provide.  The importance of voting cannot be understated.  The voting in these towns should be taken seriously because participation in local government can have large impact on a national scale.  These smaller elections also have more direct effects on a citizen's life.  People should have the motivation to participate in their local government.  

The second poem is about the American Dream, coming to America from Europe and the inspiration that comes with immigration.  A symbol of this inspiration, the statue of liberty, is visible from Paris Island.  This poem is my vision of how immigrants would have felt coming from a war or persecution, to a place full of opportunities.  Also, I believe it's important to consider the community that these people had when getting here.  They were with all other immigrant and had a life that was not easy and full of discrimination.  They sacrificed any comfort in their life for their family to have a better future. 

Both these anecdotes create a larger story about America and our values.  Although we are fiercely divided, we can come together on some common beliefs: belief in liberty, individuality, and justice.  This is the American Creed.  




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