The founding fathers have created a system that allows Americans to use the specifics of the 1st Amendment to express their creed.

America is built on the foundations laid by our founding fathers. The United States Constitution they created has shaped the American government and society that we know today. This document has remained relatively unchanged for its 233 years of existence. The few amendments made, however, are incredibly important. The first ten amendments, known as the bill of rights, grant the people of America countless liberties. They are crucial to the freedom of the American people. Citizens are able to express their American creeds through the right to speech and protest bestowed to them in the first amendment. 

American citizens possess the freedom of speech, a power not common throughout the rest of the world. We have the unique ability to speak what's on our minds without any restriction. It is incredibly easy for us citizens to share our American creed with others. There are little to no restrictions on what can be said. If there are things that we may want to criticize, we are completely able to voice their complaints. No two people share the same creed. It is imperative that we share with each other to fully understand what America means to different kinds of people. Freedom of speech allows citizens to express their creed without any restrictions.

Americans are also granted the right to protest under the first amendment. This is incredibly crucial towards the expression of our American creed. This right allows us to speak out against any form of injustice. If a law, court decision, or any event in general defies our American creed we are able to freely voice our complaints. We are able to use our voices to make an actual change, an ability that is uniquely American. The organization of protests, speeches, and rallies all help Americans spread their creed to millions of others. The right to protest allows all Americans to express their American creed.

Every American is different. Every American stands on a different set of morals. Every American has their own creed. However, every American has the freedom of speech and protest to express their American creed.




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