The American Creed can use words, symbols, and rituals to help define ourselves and our nation better.

What is the American Creed? The American Creed is a term that is used to refer to the idea of defining the elements of the American identity. There are many aspects that go into the vision of what the creed is. The American Creed can be used through words like opportunity and equality, symbols like the flag, and rituals such as the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem to help define the nation.

One word that many people can agree upon to bring us, the American people, together is opportunity. Every citizen lives in America now because of some opportunity that either they themselves had, or an ancestor had. Many people come to the United States for new opportunities that were presented to them that were not offered from where they originally came from. It is possible that they come for a different reason, however it is highly unlikely. Some opportunities that are presented to people are work, family, a better life, etc. Due to these chances, America has become a melting pot of all different cultures who have immigrated to this country, and is thus very diverse. However, with diversity does not come equality. Throughout history the U.S. has struggled with the idea and action of equality. Whether it be through race, gender, or beliefs, America is not always great pursuing the best course for equality among these groups. A main example of this is back during the Civil Rights Movement and before. White and black people were not treated with equality in any way, shape, or form. Another example of this is women's rights which, although the situation has gotten better, are still being violated to this day. Equality in the United States is a pretty controversial and disputed topic, and will remain to be for a while.

Another aspect of the American Creed are symbols such as the flag. A flag is unique to each country with the shape, colors, and designs. The flag can also be used to represent certain things about the country and things that the people believe. The American flag has fifty white stars that represent the fifty states in the United States. It also has 13 red and white stripes to represent the thirteen original colonies, the root of our country. Our flag symbolizes democracy, what our country thrives and is founded on, as well.

One ritual that occurs often in America is the National Anthem. This gets played/sang before almost every, if not all, sports games in the United States. When this happens, most people, again if not everyone, stands and puts their hand on their heart while looking at the flag. Another ritual that occurs is the Pledge of Allegiance. This can often be said at the beginning of the day in public schools throughout America. These two rituals can be used by the people of the United States to demonstrate their nationalism. Thus, these rituals, as well as the words opportunity and equality and the American flag, can be used to connect us to our values as Americans and define our nation.




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