How can you express your American Creed through action?

You can express your American Creed through action by bettering the world and your community without expecting anything in return. An example of this is through key club. Multiple students from Bay High come together to volunteer to help and better the community without receiving anything. Bay High key club is just one group of volunteers that is a part of Kiwanis. Kiwanis is "a group of people that empower communities to improve the world by making a difference". Kiwanis takes place all over the world and it is a good way to show the love for your country and the willingness to better it- your american creed. Bettering the world in key club is not limited to just your community. One action Key Club took at Bay High School was the Thirst Project. The Thirst Project was created in order to raise money to create fresh water wells for children in Africa. This action brought attention to how raising money ,and using it to better the world, can really have an impact on the lives of many people. Doing something as simple as volunteering shows citizens' American Creed and the love they have for their country- without expecting anything in return. Overall, expressing your American Creed through action can be done through doing small things on a day to day basis, such as volunteering to show the love of your community. 




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