American Creed

This is how I can show my American creed in my actions.

By Ava A. from Bay High School in Ohio

In my daily life, I can show my American Creed through my actions. I can show compassion, be respectful towards others, and be a role model in my community. I embrace my country's culture and values, and encourage others to love and respect our country too. For example, every year we celebrate Memorial Day. A day that honors those who have died in the nations war's. My grandpa has served in the army, so I dedicate this day to him. I spend my time with him and share stories that I will continue to pass down through my family. Also, I can show my American creed by volunteering in my community. One of the core values of the American Creed is a commitment to the common good. Volunteering s a beneficial way to demonstrate this value. I participate in my schools fundraisers, and sign up for my churches food drives. By giving my time and energy to help others, I am embodying the spirit of community service. Voting is also one of the most important actions I can take as an American citizen. Although I can not vote just yet, I can still encourage my family and friends to take part. In the next election, I will be participating in the democratic process, and am helping to shape the future of my country. Finally, I can support the local businesses in my community. My teacher told my class that every week he orders dinner from a local small business, I was quite moved by that story and shared it with my family. By shopping at small businesses in my community, I can strengthen the local economy. Which is an important value in the American creed, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship and self- reliance. 

In conclusion, there are endless ways to show my American creed through my actions. By supporting local businesses, being compassionate, voting, and volunteering, I can demonstrate my commitment to the values that make America great. Every action I take has the power to make a difference, so I strive to embody the American Creed in my actions. 

Bay High School

2023 1st Block

AP Government Class

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