American Creed is only possible with the help of many individual opinions to unite our nation.

     The idea of American Creed has been alive since Thomas Jefferson first coined it. While there is not one correct interpretation for the term, to me American Creed is the unity of all through the differing lives of many. It is best explained as the thought that people being individualistic and responsive helps contribute to the completion of our nation's large goals.

     One way individualism is apart of my American Creed is the ability for people to educate each other with their unique opinions. The resource of being able to gain knowledge every day by simply talking to each other about anything greatly advances the nation as a whole. This is demonstrated time and time again at social events in which people express their beliefs to teach and unite others.

     Another way individualism is in my American Creed is through the various experiences people have faced. A beautiful thing about America is the diversity that takes place. When talking to anybody you can hear a new  story of how/why their family came to America. This helps make America's identity so stout as no other country compares in diversity. This also helps in completing America's goal's because no unity can occur without differences. 

     One way being responsive is in my American Creed is through the concept that America as a nation can not be advanced if no one will take ideas from others. As I have mentioned earlier we need a difference in background and opinions to educate each other. This is useless unless people will take the time to actually learn about opposing ideas. If they decide to listen or not is their choice but if they never give them a try or learn more about them then betterment will never occur. 

Overall, the improvement of our nation is in the hands of all of us living in it. We must strive to listen and learn from different perspectives if we want to grow as a person, and a republic.




Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

AP Government Class

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