Story about my parents

America is a country filled with big dreams and possibilities. My American Creed is that when people follow their dreams and work hard, they can achieve any goals they set their minds to.

Both of my parents grew up in communist Albania. Times were hard and food was rationed for everyone. The government was strict and the country was isolated. Eventually, the communist regime fell in 1990, after 45 years. My parents met in the mid-90's, when my mom was a junior in high school and my dad was a sophomore in college. Although the new democracy was forming, it was very corrupt and the opportunities were limited. My mom's family won the green card lottery and moved to America in 1997. My parents were still dating at the time, and the only way for my dad to come over was for them to get married, so that's what they did. They knew no one in America at the time, so it was a big risk. My mom went to college to study finance, while they both were working restaurant jobs to support their living. My dad was able to re-certify his teaching degree from Albania and got a job at Cleveland Public Schools to teach and coach basketball. He has a very entrepreneurial spirit and he proceeded to get licensed as a real estate as well as insurance agent, to follow his dreams of opening his own business. Today, my mom works as a finance manager at Key Bank and my dad runs his own real estate and insurance business.

My parents worked very hard to obtain what they have today.  They came to this country with very little, they followed their dreams and they persevered. My parents created a good life for themselves, as well as for my sister and I. I look up to them and they inspire me to always try my best. My parents moved to America with lots of hopes and dreams, and were able to make them a reality. I am the person I am today because my parents were able to follow the American dream and succeed at it. My parents' story is my American Creed.




Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

AP Government Class

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