American Creed could look different from person to person, but we all share some similar qualities. These qualities link us together as Americans and makes each person a little more similar than they may think.

After watching the American Creed, I believe that the main characteristics that make up an American is confidence, compassion, hard work, and responsibility.  Those qualities were expressed in the film by showing community leaders and mentors who display all of these characteristics to get to where they are today.  No matter how different each person was, they all displayed very similar tendencies on how they went about life.  

Not only did I see these qualities in the film, but I also see them in everyday life.  Every day I see people working hard in our community to make the world a better place.  The hard work leads to our schools being some of the best in the country and our city as one of the best to live in.  Our community is able to come together each and every year and take responsibility to be the ones to create change.  We have all of the countless fundraisers that have made crazy amounts of money and we as a community feel that it is our job to make a difference.  An example of compassion that I saw in the film was displayed by John Blades.  Although people may have different opinions and views, Blades showed that people could still come together and fight for the greater good.  The American Creed may be different for each person, but when you dig in deeper it really may not be all too different at all.  

Everyone should try and be conscious of their American Creed, and using this to help inspire and help others.  Using their confidence, hard work, compassion, and responsibility, each and every person can use their American Creed to make this world a better place.




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4th Block AP Gov

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