Life is what you make of it...hope, work hard, and be kind

The ultimate goal of life is to be happy and for Americans hope, hard work, and kindness helps us make our lives what we wish it to be. 

I believe that if all were to be honest in their hard work and kind along the way then not only will the country become more successful, but the country would also become more emotionally bonded. An honest and kind hard worker should be, without a doubt, an American but with additional diverse aspects that make each and every one of us unique.

My dad has worked his way up through work over the past years through his hard work and diligence, not because he had connections or played into the liking of others. Both my parents were first generation college students. Neither of them knew what they wanted to do in life but they knew that they wanted a higher education. That was ambition and the determination to better themselves and open up new opportunities. In my creed, I believe that hope fuels hard work and hard work yields what is desired. For example, in rowing I’ve worked years at becoming better. There was no way I would be where I am without the hours of dedication and practice. I have earned my spot through honest hard work, not by taking short cuts. I believe that ambition and hard work is rewarded and our country prospers because of it. 

However, even in a country where all may be hard workers living their own creeds, we wouldn’t be ideal Americans if we weren’t also kind. I have learned over a short time that we truly never know what someone is going through. For me, my mom has been my inspiration for kindness. She gives people second chances, she works for the goals of others, and supports one even if she disagrees. As Americans we accept our differences and appreciate the perspectives of others even when working for our own dreams. In my creed, I believe the love we show for each other including family, friends, and strangers make us Americans. 

Ultimately, I believe that Americans do not take their freedom for granted. Americans work hard to pursue their dreams, stay strong through adversity, grow and adapt to make change, and choose to love and care for one another. 




Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

AP Government Class

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