My American Creed

To me, the American Creed is the opportunity of a life of our choosing, that we are all given. No matter your background being born in America or coming to America you have the ability to make it in a nation your own way. For me, this can best be exemplified by my ancestors on my father's side. 

My ancestors on my father's side come from a small town called Melilli, Italy. In that small town is St. Sebastian Church. When my ancestors immigrated to America, they decided to help build a replica of the St. Sebastian Church with some of the other Italian immigrants there. My great-great-great grandfather on my dad’s side was a stonemason and he contributed to the building of the church by adding a hand-carved statue of St. Sebastian that still resides in the church today. The church is located in Middletown, Connecticut, and is still used to this day. Both my great-grandparents were married there and so was my aunt.  When I was younger I was able to see the statue when I attended my Aunts wedding. It was a great experience and very interesting to me since I always enjoyed History and was now able to see a part of my family history. It is incredible to think that my ancestors were able to come to a brand new place and bring over the ideas and beliefs they cared so much about. 

Another example can be seen on my mother's side. My mom's side is heavily Hungarian. After coming to America my ancestors eventually settled near and in Toledo. That is where both my grandpa and grandma on my mother's side met, where my grandpa went to school and played college basketball, and where they raised their children (my mom included).  My grandparents did leave Toledo for a couple of years around 2010 to try living on an east coast city Charlotte, North Carolina. However, they ended up returning five or so years later as Toledo has this hometown charm they feel they can't leave, although if given the choice I think most people would choose Charlotte over Toledo. They still live there today even though Toledo is quite as nice as it once was. As a result, Toledo has become an important city for my immediate family as well as a place we have grown accustomed to after visiting so often.

That kind of acceptance is something I feel is rarely found outside of the US and is why the US has such a beautiful blend of cultures and ethnicities. It is why the US is the melting pot it has become and continues to be. Itś also why areas have become important to people based on when their ancestors settled there, like how Boston and Chicago have large amounts of Irish populations.  The blending of these many cultures and then identifying them as one thing, an American, is something special that only America can claim it is able to do. 




    Bay High School 2023 3rd Block

    AP Government Class

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